Chair of Humanitarian Disciplines

Alekseeva E.P.

The chair of Humanitarian Disciplines was established in 2006 and headed by Dr. Alekseeva Elena Petrovna. There are audiovisual rooms for teaching and training of students. The teaching staff of the chair participated in international conferences and projects in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and China.  At this moment the teacher of philosophy Dr. Tashmetov carries out scientific researches in Tokyo University, Japan. The chair is actively engaged in academic activities for 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd year classes. More than 26 research papers, 3 medical workbooks, and 4 monographs have been published in various international and local journals. This year 6 research papers have been published in research journals as “Medicine of Kyrgyzstan”, “Health manpower of XXI century”, and “IUK Bulletin” etc.

The head of the chair Dr. Alekseeva Elena Petrovna took an initiative that lead to the establishment of the International Students Network (ISN) - “TUNDUK”. ISN – “TUNDUK” is a non governmental student organization working independently in cooperation with ISM IUK. It was established in the year March 2005 with the main purpose of engaging students in activities relating to the overall development of their communication, leadership, team building and volunteering skills.

The chair includes the following curricular disciplines:  Sociology, Russian, English and Latin languages, History of Kyrgyzstan and Philosophy.

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