Chair of Internal Medicine

Akhunbaev S.M.

The chair was established in 2003 on the basis of national hospital and city clinical hospital ¹ 1 in Bishkek. Since 2008 the chair of Internal Medicine settles down on the basis of National hospital and Scientific Research Institute of Cardio surgery and body transplantations.

There are 14 members of the chair, among them 4 doctors
and 4 candidates of sciences.
   Curricular disciplines
The general Physiotherapy
Professional Illnesses
Clinical Pharmacology
Physiotherapy Exercises
Medical Control
Elective Course (the medical massage, traditional medicine, licrovorology).
    Scientific activity
Epidemiology of leukocythemias in Kyrgyzstan
The medicinal Data card of Cardio Surgery Clinics
    Introduction in practice:

Employees of the department render the constant advisory and medical help on clinical bases of ISM IUK. They take part in consultations on difficult and diagnostic unclear patient

Scientifically-practical conference «Day of diabetes» for endocrinologists, therapists, pediatrics, Family doctors, November, 2008
    Introduction in practice:
Makimbetov E.K., Zhakypbaev O. A. Lymphoadenopathy. The manual. 2008
Makimbetov E.K., Raimganov A.R. Splenomegaly. 2008
Sultanalieva R. The Diabetes of 1 and 2 types. The methodical textbook for patients. Bishkek. 2008, 100 p.
Usubaliev N.N. About a contingent of patients of cardiosugery clinics and about rehabilitation of the operated illnesses of heart. The Central-Asian magazine of cardiovascular surgery. Dushanbe. ¹2, 2008
Hospital of sacred Jude (children's). The State of Tennessee, Massachusetts. The international program on cooperation. Director R.Ribeiro
The Russian oncological centre of science. The Russian Academy of Medical Science of the Russian Federation
The Russian centre of science of hematology of Ministry of Health of Russia.
Qualitative And Quantitative Charachteristics of ISM Faculties
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Chair of Public Health
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Chair of Internal Medicine
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