Practical Advices
  Mobile Communication
There are four mobile companies in Kyrgyzstan KATEL (working in TDMA standard), BITEL and Megacom (working in GSM standard), and FONEX (CDMA standard).
  Transportation Facilities
ISM IUK has its own transport facilities for students . There is a bus that transports students to educational centers that are located on the outskirts of Bishkek. Students also maintain cars for their personal use.
The Kyrgyz transport system is well organized with Mini Buses, Buses and Trolley Buses connecting every part of Bishkek city. The cost to use public transport is 5 Kyrgyz Som for Trolley Bus, 6 Kyrgyz Soms for Bus and 8 Kyrgyz Soms for Mini Bus. Taxis are also available at reasonable prices.
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Practical Advices
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