Postgraduate Studies (Residency program 2-3 years)

The programs are conducted ina a broad range of such clinical fields as: Gynecology, Surgery, Traumatic Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Pediatrics, Therapeutics and other. ISM also offers post graduate non-clinical training programs for the degrees of Physicians-laboratory assistant and master of Public Heath.

  Ph.D Studies
For more profound training ISM offers programs of Ph.D studies in different areas
  Preparation Departments (Prior to Admission)
ISM offer 6-9 months of Russian Language courses for foriegn applicants willing to study in Russian.
  Programs for specialization and proficiency improvement
ISM has short-term Programs for specialization and proficiency improvement with relevant certificates of experties in manual therapy, cosmetology, ultrasound diagnostic etc.
 Courses Offered
General Medicine
Postgraduate Studies
Ph.D Studies
Preparation Departments
Program for Specialization