The application should submit UC the following.
Application form filled
Copy of secondary education certificate (10th & 12th certificate)
Copy of birth certificate, copy of national passport
How my parents will call me?

Every Indian student is advised by ISM FOCAL POINT to have a mobile phone. Mobile phone system is highly developed in KYRGYZSTAN and your parents can easily contact you.


If I need money in KYRGYZSTAN, how my parents can send me money?


The best way to transfer the money is to use international ATM/debit cards. For this purpose a student should open a bank account in India in a bank that is offering international ATM / debit card. Then, whenever he needs money, his parents will just deposit the required amount in this account and the student will withdraw the amount from any ATM machine of bank. Of course, rules and regulations of the banks will apply. For more details please contact your bank.

If I get ill in KYRGYZSTAN, who will take care of me?

First of all, ISM FOCAL POINT have organized a medical centre in the hostel itself. A Doctor is on duty in 24 hours a day. Every student should have compulsory medical insurance, which covers almost all bills of treatment.

Will I have an Internet facility?
Ans. Yes, you will have the Internet facility with in hostel.
Can my parents visit me?

Yes, your parents are most welcome to visit you and the academy. We even have a guest room in the hostel, where they can stay free of cost and if you are eating in the Indian mess, run by ISM FOCAL POINT, then your parents can dine with you free of cost during their stay. For details how they can get visa and for arrangement of their journey please contact office of ISM FOCAL POINT.

When are my vacations? Can I visit India during my vacations?

Winter vacations are only 15 days in January, or February, but summer vacations are two months (July and August). You are advised to visit India during your summer vacation. ISM FOCAL POINT organize group journey for students to India helping them to acquire student's concession air tickets.


Is the hostel open during these vacations? Do I have to leave the hostel during the vacation?

Yes, the hostel is open during vacations. No, you do not have to leave the hostel. You can stay at the hostel.
What I have to do at Airports during my first departure from India and arrival at BHISHKEK
Ans. Departure from Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi:
On entering the airport the first thing to do is to get your suitcase security checked on X-ray machine
Wait for the announcement for check-in for your flight

Find the check-in counter of your airline and go to the airline check-in counter. Get in the queue in front of the counter for your class of the ticket. When your turn comes, put your suitcase on the belt and give your air ticket. If you are a pure vegetarian then tell about this here on counter, but only if you have an air ticket with Vegetarian' stamp on it. Get your boarding card and air ticket. On boarding card there is following information: Your name, flight number, gate number and seat number

Fill in the immigration form, which is available on the boarding counter.


Proceed for the immigration counter and get in the queue for the Indians.


When your turn comes, hand over your passport, Visa, Boarding card and filled up immigration form. Immigration officer will stamp the passport and will return these things.


The next counter is for customs. Get yourself custom cleared and check your suitcase that it has passed the custom or not. Get your boarding card stamped by the custom officer.


Go in the waiting hall and find the boarding gate number that is written on your boarding card. Wait till there is an announcement about your flight passengers to get your hand luggage and yourself checked by the security officers.


Wait in the waiting hall till there is an announcement about your flight passengers to board the plane. Then proceed to the gate number for your flight, go to the plane through the tunnel, get in the plane and go to your seat, number of which is on your boarding card. Air hostess will help you in finding your seat

Arrival at the BHISHKEK Airport:

On arrival at the BHISHKEK airport, proceed to the immigration check with all passengers and get in the queue for foreigners, fill up the migration card available at the counters. When your turn comes, give your passport and visa. If immigration officer asks, then give him a copy of the invitation letter from the institute. He will stamp the passport and visa and will return you these things.


Go to the luggage belts and find the belt with your flight number on it and wait for your suitcase and collect it. Fill up the custom clearance form available on counters and clearly write the amount of USA dollars, which you have with you. Proceed for the custom counter and put your luggage for custom check with your passport and the filled custom form.

Get out where a representative of UNIVERSITY is waiting for you.

The Rules and Regulations for Residing in the Hostels of the ISM, IUK The following rules and regulations for residing in the hostel (herein after hostel) of the ISM, IUK have been made and approved under the signature and stamp of the Chancellor of ISM, IUK and have received consent of Dr Phani Bhushan The following rules and regulations for residing in the hostel of made for all foreign students who took admission through ISM FOCALPOINT


General Regulations