International Co-operation

International Cooperation of ISM is a priority in its strategy of general performance aimed to integrate educational, scientific and medical technologies of world communities in Kyrgyzstan.

ISM initiated the establishment of Council of Recotors of Central Asian Medical Higher Educational Institutions and Central Asian Association of Medical Universities.

ISM has sustainable and direct relations with medical schools of USA, Europe and CIS, which enable to implement a series of international joint projects.

ISM has European resource centre established under IUK with university of ARNEM, Netherlands as well as American resource center and Educational information and resource center established with university of Michigan (USA) and university of BERN (Switzerland) respectively.

Among ISM partners are also such well-known medical centers of the world as university of South Florida school of medicine (USA), University of Heidelberg (Germany), Novosibirsk Medicla University (Russia), University of Sharjah (UAE), University named after Strabine (Latvia) and many others.

ISM under IUK as an agreement with Riga Stradines University (Latvia allowing to carry out direct transfer ISM students from any Year of Studies with a opportunity to obtain diploma and get future Employment in countries of European Union.) ISM has the possibility to transfer students to most of Medical Higher Educational Institutions of Ex-USSR.



All the programs are implemented with the use of integration and modules based modern training technology developed with the support of World Health Organization(WHO) Experts.



Training at ISM is conducted according to the Europeon System of Transformation of Credits (ESTC), which enables to move from any course of studies at ISM to European universties."All the ISM programs are approved and Licensed by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz Republic.

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