ISM, IUK Hostel / Dormitory and Apartments

On admission to the ISM, students are offered a room in the hostel or you can rent a flat in a nearby area. The hostel fee is paid according to the ISM approved fees. The mandatory requirement for staying in the hostel is strict maintenance of internal rules of the hostel. Registration of temporary staying in the hostel is conducted in our Student campus office.

On wish, you may live in a private apartment. There are various variants of lodging search in Bishkek depending on fee and conditions' level. To find appropriate lodging you can apply to a realty agency that has services on lodging OR check with the advertisements in the local newspapers, detailed information on the web-site:

Registration of temporary staying in a private apartment is conducted domiciliary on your own. You are required to inform your address the Dean's Office. Your factual lodging is checked by a local police officer. ISM has its own hostel in the IUK hostel building. A laundry and press service also operates. Special workers have been appointed in order to maintain cleanliness in the hostel rooms, corridors, premises, toilets and bathrooms

 Girl's Hostel
Separate floor at ISM, IUK Hostel building has been allotted to the female students. A female warden is responsible for the safety of the girl students in the hostel. The entrance and exit of the girl's hostel has an extra inner gate to ensure extra security and safety of the female students. A representative of the ISM, IUK Student Parliament, i.e. the Girl's Senator also resides in this hostel and helps other girl students with their problems and assists them whenever required.
 Common details of Hostel Premises
A group of three students are allotted a room. This room is furnished with three beds, three side tables, three chairs, one large sized study table, and a cupboard. Pillows, Bed Sheets, Mattresses, Quilts and Blankets are provided by the hostel in charge. Each room has a large window for easy ventilation. Every room has an automated heating device that runs 24x7 during the winter snow season to maintain optimum temperature in the hostel rooms. Each hostel floor has a set of toilets and bathrooms that have a regular 24x7 cold and hot water supply.
 Laundry, Maintenance and Hygiene

A laundry and a press service operate in the ISM, IUK Hostel for the benefit of the students residing in the hostel. Workers have been appointed to collect dirty clothes from the students, wash them and return back after ironing. This has saved the precious time of the students which they can utilize for studies. Additional workers have been appointed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the ISM, IUK Hostel. Rooms are cleaned and wiped on a daily basis. Toilets and Bathrooms are also cleaned daily with antiseptics and detergent.Bed sheets, Pillow Covers and Quills are changed weekly twice. This enables extra hygiene and cleanliness which is in line with the IUK Hostel standards.

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