Foreign Applicants

Foreign citizens, except for citizens of countries that signed the agreement with KR “On granting equal rights to citizens of countries-participants of the agreement on intense integration in economic and humanitarian fields to enter higher educational institutions” (Kazakhstan, Russia, Byelorussia, Tajikistan) can enter contractual form of studies based on agreements between IUK ISM and applicants. The attraction and admission of foreign prospective students is conducted in cooperation with official representatives having official agreements with IUK ISM and relevant authority. Agreements between the IUK ISM and official representatives include the following liabilities: promote public relations in home country, assist in ISM accreditation, check authenticity of entrants' documents, guarantee that applicants have no other aims except for the aim to receive medical education while staying in the

Arrival and training expenses of foreign entrants/students at IUK ISM include: admission fee, tuition fee for studying at the Preparatory department, at one of ISM institutes, hostel accommodation fee. These payments must be made according to IUK ISM rules and procedures. Living expenses of foreign entrants/students in Kyrgyz Republic including accommodation, food, extension of visa and registration as well as other expenses must be covered by entrants/students on their own in compliance with IUK ISM rules and procedures.

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