Administration Campus

This campus can be regarded as the back bone of ISM. Firstly, it is the seat of the Administration of ISM and its staff. The Administration department of ISM is located on the second floor in this building. The Rector, Vice Rectors, Department for international affairs, Department for Student Affairs, Cashier, and Accounts Department are all situated in this floor. Tuition fee for studies is also paid in this building.

Secondly, the Dean’s office is also located on the fifth floor in this building. The Vice Rector for Educational Affairs, the Dean, Vice - Dean and the Chair of Humanitarian Disciplines are also located in this floor.

The classes that run on this floor are:

English language
Russian language
Medical Latin language
Computer Sciences

Educational practical laboratory, and Medical room are located on the fourth floor. The classes that run on this floor are as follows:

History of Kyrgyzstan
Clinical Pharmacology
The Main Campus and Administration campus are located in the city centre. Both the campuses are beside each other. The ISM Hostel is just behind the administrative campus. ( MAP)
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